Code Snippet für ddcode snippet for dd

Today i have an little piece of code I think , i’m not the only one who burn images on sd card from time to time, but it is strange no to know how long it takes to burn in. First ok all you need a little extra tool : pv apt-get install pv Now […]

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BananaPi Pro LeMakerBananaPi Pro LeMaker

Tony von LeMaker hat Wort gehalten und mir ein Exemplar zum erstellen meines Debian Images für den Pro zu Verfügung gestellt. Heute kam es an und hier mal ein paar Bilder. Was mir als erstes positiv auffiel war das Innenleben der Packung. Der Pi flog nicht nur lose rum im Karton sondern war nochmal extra […]


Skript zum anpassen der root PartitionScript for resize root partition

hi there, here a little script for resize the root partition on the bpi or like somthing else cat /dev/null d 2 n p 2 $p2_start p w __EOF__ sync touch /root/.resize echo “Ok, Partition resized, please reboot now” echo “Once the reboot is completed please run this script again” } resize_fs() { echo “Activating […]


Debian Jessie with Kernel-3.18 final for Banana PiDebian Jessie with Kernel-3.18 final for Banana Pi

Today i build an new image with final kernel and cec and fbtft enabled i updated git also this one changed to kernel-3.19-rc2 ( no changes from original tree for now) is the old one Download Image Username:bpi password:bpi for root root:root root is diabled over ssh for security , use sudo insteed […]