RaspberryPi und RaspbmcRaspberryPi und Raspbmc

Hello after a slightly longer again 🙂

I bought at Christmas time a small toy.

As the title says a Raspberry. I am doing this with me raspbmc me.

Raspbmc is a media center based on XBMC which is available for XBOX, Windows and Linux.

Clear the Raspberry thus works with SD cards for many films and a large music collection ungeignet, but one has a NAS at home.

Installation under Windows ansich quite easy: SD card into the PC or notebook and run the installer, it prepares the SD card for the first start.

When you first start should however be noted that the Raspberry is connected with the network connection to the Internet. Then automatically the latest version is downloaded and installed.

Since you have to want to give but yes to life the clutter rather than more times will quickly produce a MicroUSB Wifi connected, in my case a “ISY USB Wireless Micro Adapter IWL2000”.

Well for me the problems started but already at, among Rasp settings although there is wifi to choose from, but this is not enabled automatically Wlan Stick: /

So off to the console via SSH:

ssh pi @ ipdesraspbmc

or with Putty from Windows

User: pi Password: raspberry

On the console now logged pure banging a few commands:


If, as a result something like: Bus 001 Device 006: ID 050D: 11f2 Belkin Components; issue

Next, then: update-usbids

followed by another lsusb which is now the stick displaying something different: Bus 001 Device 004: ID 050D: 11f2 Belkin Components ISY Wireless Micro Adapter IWL 2000 [RTL8188CUS]

now that the WLAN stick is recognized correctly one must still persuade him to start automatically.

8192cu echo >> / etc / modules

modprobe 8192cu

now he was already flashing the first time

now even assign the USB driver ID

echo “050D 11f2″> / sys / bus / usb / drivers / rtl8192cu / new_id

and thus he really boot each time automatically starts still following:

echo ‘install 8192cu / sbin / modprobe –ignore-install 8192cu; / Bin / echo “050D 11f2″> / sys / bus / usb / drivers / rtl8192cu / new_id ‘| sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/rtl8192cu.conf
That’s it for the wifi.

Since nich everyone uses the Pi to a TFT with HDMI but sometimes one probably wants to use the analog output or must in Germany and designed the devices are PAL must be in the still config.txt Add lest the Black and a line / Weis is sdtv_mode = 2

So now you can thus start Media Center with a NAS connections.

If you have an Android phone / tablet you should either view or Yatse the app on XBMC. With these apps that you can directly run by website videos on the XBMC streaming.

So now enjoy TV Look

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